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Life as we know it

I have been the worst lately at keeping this blog up. When I find time to sit down and breath, I inevitably fall asleep from sheer exhaustion. This is my season of life though...

Penny turned 9 months old last week. I blinked. It has amazed me how fast this time has gone by! I feel like Emma was a baby for years and now we're staring down the barrel at having a 1 year old and a 4 year old! I can barely catch my breath at how fast it's all going! I want to soak up all the moments of both of them because I know this is the first time we'll have a 4 year old and the last time we'll have a 1 year old 😢 I just can't seem to wrap it all up and enjoy it all from all the stress of having a small child and a toddler. It's truly a conundrum.

Penny is moments away from walking. She's pulling up on everything and is fast as lightning at crawling. She’s able to stand up by herself for a few seconds and even has the look of thinking seriously about taking a step before …

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