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Are you ready for some football?!

If you haven't noticed yet, I've been forming a habit of being behind on my posts...I assure you, I am trying 😊

As we head into the last week of August and the first REAL weekend of football (sorry football fans, the SEC is the only conference that matters), I catch myself wondering where the rest of 2017 has gone. I literally feel like I was just pregnant and looking forward to Penny being here with us, and now she's six months old and we're a mere four months away from Christmas! Did anyone else's mind just go 'POOF'?

Much has transpired over the last couple of weeks since I wrote an update. Rory sold his truck and got a new'ish' car, I made the bold decision to chop my hair off (literally, it's all gone), and Penny is ever so close to being mobile!

As if my transition into my dream car wasn't enough, Rory decided on a whim to sell his truck to his cousin, or rather his cousin offered to buy his truck after a quick visit a couple of weeks…

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