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New Adventures for a New Year

It's a New Year and we are officially Tennesseans! This weekend was a pure blur, but we got ourselves here and most of our stuff. We keep thinking of things that we left behind, but luckily, we'll be able to go back for other trips until Mom and Dad sell the house. Now comes the unpacking...

It's amazing just how much "stuff" you accumulate over many years. I felt like we had a ton of stuff when we lived in our tiny two bedroom house right after we got married, but now, after living in a house basically double that size, we DEFINITELY have a ton of stuff. God was watching over us and changed the schedule for the weekend, but to the good of our sanity! We ended up having a whole day and a half to load the moving truck, which we definitely needed. Interestingly, it takes a fraction of the time to unload. We're thanking the good Lord for that! Ain't nobody got time to unload a moving truck in 20 degree weather!

I was proud of myself for not getting too emoti…

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