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Life Goes On

This past week was a good one filled with all the normalcies of life with a toddler and a baby 😉

We had our first bible class on Tuesday and I felt like it went well! It was just an introductory class with an overview of what we'll be studying, but I'm real optimistic about it! The book of James has always been Rory's favorite and it's definitely one of mine too. It's so practical and straight forward. No guessing about what James is writing about. Sounds like a guy I would have liked to have known! Tomorrow is class #2. I'm excited to see it continue to grow!

I also started my 5K training and got a whole one session in for the week! 😂 Granted, my intentions were to get all three sessions done for the week, but life happens and you have to prioritize. The one time I did go went pretty well. I started out thinking it would be no problem, but by the last stint of running, I just knew I was going to die right there on the track. Running is definitely a hate/hate…

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